creating 'everybody' technology

I’ve worked on too many projects where the subject of accessibility has been with huge groans. W3C compliance is seen as the laborious task of going through what we have already designed and built (finished), and making adjustments that check all the boxes against DDA best practice.

But what if we looked at this area as more than just compliance, and an opportunity to make better products for everyone?

A change in attitude is way overdue. Design and engineering teams should stop looking at designing and building for impaired users as the pain in the behind process of compliance tagged on to the end of a project.

By not thinking about our impaired users right from the get-go, we’re missing out on huge opportunities, not only in making our products accessible for all. If we consider and design for user types of all abilities from the very start of the process, then in all likelihood, we’ll create a more usable product for everybody.