the monster project

creative little monsters

Remember when you were a child, and you spent all those days at school spent dreaming about how you would one day conquer middle management? We don’t either. A child’s imagination is huge, far bigger than what the reality of things become later in life. What if we could ignite the full potential of their imagination and  keep it going forever, and even into their career?

pure, unadulterated creativity

The Monster Project pairs a child’s limitless imagination with a professional artist’s talent.  An elementary child sends in their monster concept and some exceptionally talented character artists and illustrators send back completed art work to inspire them to continue their creative journey.

The project’s objective is to help children realise the full power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to reach their creative potential in life.

inspired for life

Many children don’t have the opportunity to explore their full creative potential, this is exacerbated by a decreasing focus on art in schools and arts funding.  That’s a monstrous trend this project aims to fight.

We think The Monster Project is a great example of the kind of collaboration the web was created for. Through co-realising ideas with children and them finding confidence in the power of their imaginations, the project aims help them recognise how valuable their ideas are and to inspire them to consider a creative career path as a legitimate choice.

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