Andrew Kingslow creates soundtracks for award winning film, advertising and television.  His songwriting, composition and production has accompanied the Delorean relaunch, the amazing Aardman Studios and he lays down the reggae rhythms and lyrics to the BBC’s cult hit Rastamouse to name drop a few.

With an ever growing portfolio of premium work and enviable client list including Channel 4, EMI, Warner Music, Sony and Universal, Andrew needed a platform through which he could showcase his work in an engaging way, and communicate his value to the creative process.


Our audience was pretty niche, yet varied – from advertising executives and music industry agents to brand owners and creative directors. With data insights and comparators thin on the ground, we conducted detailed interviews to understand the pain points and motivations of the various industry players, from there a prototype was rapidly developed and iterated on through audience testing feedback.

One thing became clear pretty quickly, we would need to move this media savvy audience to grab their attention.

execution takes the audience through an immersive musical journey through his work date and the musical creative process. To maximise engagement with our creative target market, impactful full screen video provide the backdrop for bold and emotive messages. Elegant animations and micro-interactions add subtle satisfying moments to encourage further content exploration.

A reportage style shoot by Jason McGlade of Andrew at work at his London studio provides a peak behind the scenes and highlighted the investment in the state of the art studio. Detailed case studies were created with HD video and audio streams to showcase featured work. Rich content elevated by a palette of premium dark greys nods to the cinematic experience the platform inspires.

web development
user experience
seo & content  


The new platform saw an uplift in visitors of nearly 300% in it’s first month compared to the old site and has become an invaluable pitching tool for his agents at We Are Golden.

With a solid ongoing content strategy supported by a flexible and intuitive content management system, the platform continues to grow reach and engagement and elevate Andrew’s work globally. Watch out for his latest project with the BBC, The Apple Tree.





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