Riverside KnB are  a leading supplier and fitter of premium, hand crafted cabinetry. The business serves a large market in the US across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

They approached us to support them in meeting their growth plans into 2017. Their strategy was to drive footfall into the high converting store, but their dated, low traffic site was doing little to support them.


Riverside’s marketing had traditionally taken a ‘one size fits all approach’  but research into the customer base revealed clear segments from which we could target new personas.

Drilling further down, each had their own unique tastes, expectations and requirements.  It was clear a shift from one to many, to a more one to one conversation was needed.

Riverside also had a large bank of assets the project could capitalise on, they just needed to be surfaced to the right audience in the right way.


We polished up their proposition, digital brand and relaunched the company digitally with Fully optimised for mobile, a new immersive user journey guides the user through the product range based on their need and taste, enhanced with rich, seductive imagery and video.

Riverside are building their customer database and lead nurturing capabilities thanks to the data capture functionality

digital strategy
design and copy writing
responsive web development


With multiple content rich, highly targeted sections for each product proposition, supported by a blog and social profiles,  reach increased ten fold resulting in a huge uplift in site visitors.

The premium, targeted experience instills customer confidence, reflected by the by a significant jump in visitor to inbound enquiry ratio.





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